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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a regional tool that can be effectively used to make sure not only your current customers but also the general public is well-aware of your brand/service. At Netventure Global, we understand and respect budget restrictions, in such a case, we recommend SMS marketing packages to our clients looking to advertise in a cost-effective manner.

We offer affordable, bulk SMS marketing packages that allow you to cover a decent chunk of the demographic and yet savor low-cost advertising. Using our service you will be able to pin-point your target audience and spend only when and where – necessary.

Many companies offer you just SMS packages, we offer complete SMS marketing management, we offer features like SMS Roaming, SMS Masking, SMS Applications and also SMS API/Gateways.

Together with our SMS marketing experts you will be able to drive the right traffic to your website or the right crowd to your event, promotion, launch, ramp-show etc. If you want to know about our flexible packages, give us a call today and get a free quote within 24 hours.

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